Choose the grip.
Control the reality.

The MANIFESTO is a robotic prosthetic device. The prosthesis is controlled by muscle sensors. For the gripping movements we installed five small, but powerful electric motors - similar ones are used in a spacecraft. Battery capacity is enough for the whole day of activities and can be fully charged in 2 hours.

Designed to help today.
Powered with the functionality of the future.

MANIFESTO prosthesis
MANIFESTO prosthesis
Make your own grip patterns for various types of day-to-day actions. The grip speed and strength are proportional to the muscle contraction - that allows you to take fragile objects without fear of breaking them.
Use the mobile app for setting and control, create your grip on it. Also, you surpass the human hand with the cyberhand features: contactless payment, screen, a GSM module and more.
Emphasize your style with different shapes and colors of exterior. Be impressive. Be yourself.


MANIFESTO is a modern bionic high-tech myoelectric-controlled prosthesis that extends human capabilities in the era of the digital world. The prosthesis performs up to 14 types of gestures and contractions.
  • The wrist module mass 420 g
  • Time to open <2 sec
  • Open hand width - 90 mm
  • Rotation - passive / 320 degrees
  • Control system - single- / dual-channel
  • Operating temperature - from -10 to 40 ° C
  • Non-stop operation time - 6 hours
  • Full charge time - 2 hours
I compare a modern prosthesis with heels. At first uncomfortable, but beautiful. Then you get used to it. Every month, the convenience and functionality improves and over time you can do whatever you want.

Alexandra Vyatkina
prosthesis Alexandra Vyatkina

Additional features

The functionality of the prosthesis is constantly being improved
A contactless payment module is being built into the prosthesis, which is possible to pay with in stores or public transport. For payments the technology Pay Pass is used.
A flexible e-ink display can be installed into the prosthesis. The user can monitor such parameters as time, date, battery level, and prosthetic control mode.
By the end of the year, we will have implemented voice control of operating modes and a GSM module for telemetry.