INDY forearm prosthesis with external power supply provides a solution to a variety of household tasks. It allows the user to dress themselves, to pick small items, to cook, to work on a computer, to train the stump muscles, to ride a bike, to use a workbench, etc.
Benefits of INDY
Prosthetic Benefits of INDY
Sensitive control system
The speed and strength of the grip can be controlled in proportion to the strength of the muscle tension, this allows you to take fragile objects without fear of breaking them.
Working hours
The battery capacity is enough for several days of prosthesis operation, and it will turn out to fully charge the battery in 3 hours. An indicator of the current state of the battery is located on the prosthesis, so you will know the current charge.
Functional gadget
Dentures have not yet learned to repeat the fine motor skills of a person, but with the help of additional extensions, the functionality of the prosthesis is already superior to the human hand. You can integrate contactless payment for purchases, a screen, a GSM module and much more into the prosthesis.
Repair and service
Free warranty repair and product service for 1 year.
Prosthetic Benefits of INDY
The principles of prosthesis operation
The control system of the all our bionic prosthesis uses electrodes that read the electric potential of stump muscles at the moment of their contraction. Data from sensors is then transferred to the microprocessor of the wrist and through computer algorithms is transformed into commands for gearmotors. As a result, a clench is performed. The prosthesis control system is 1 or 2 channels.

Warranty obligations for a period of 2 year for a prosthetic forearm with an external source of energy apply to mechanical wrists, controllers and EMG sensors.

Warranty obligations do not apply to cosmetic and forming shells, stump sleeves, chargers and batteries.
  • Full module mass: 500 grams
  • Unclenching time: <1 sec.
  • Gripping force: >100-140N
  • Opening length: 100 mm
  • Control system: 1 or 2 channels of EMG
  • Operating temperature: from -10° to 50°C
  • Operating time: < 2 days*
  • Full charge time: < 3-5 hours
  • Wrist module: Passive 360 degree rotation
  • Waterproof: IP65
Additional features
Easily open the application with settings with one touch of his smartphone to Motorica prosthesis
TouchScreen technology
Yes, you can really use your smartphone or Ipad with the prosthesis!
Motorica Control app
It's used to change the prosthesis control mode, amplitude and time analysis and recording of EMG activity of the stump
Power bank compatibility
Be mobile without wall socket. You can charge the INDY hand by simple USB-C cable and >3A power bank.
INDY myoelectric prostheses are suitable for people from 16 years with forearm injuries