Ilya Morkovsky with a KIBI prosthesis

CYBI Fingers

CYBI body-powered prosthesis is a gadget which allows to clench and unclench your fist to perform daily actions and also has accessories that expand its functionality.

Benefits of CYBI Fingers

Cyborg Colored
High quality
The CYBI prosthesis is made using modern 3D printing technologies made of plastic and metal.
Principle of operation
An active hand prosthesis works without electronics; it is easy to master for children and those who receive a prosthesis for the first time.
Complex stumps
Each CYBI is individually designed, which allows you to make a complex prosthesis for non-standard cases.
Prosthesis CYBI Fingers
Light weight
CYBI weighs 200-300 grams. The prosthesis is comfortable to use all day.
The prosthesis trains and develops muscles, does not allow them to atrophy.
Free warranty repair and service of the product for 365 days.
CYBI Fingers are suitable for people of all ages with a stump of the hand and with the partial absence of fingers
Fast prototyping by 3D printing is used for manufacturing. To create functional prototypes, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology is used — a layer-by-layer sintering of powder by a laser. This technology allows creating final products of a higher quality and sufficient operational parameters and high-grade surface requiring no additional treatment.

The grip function in the modern active prosthesis is carried out by means of cables tension. The cables are connected with the prosthesis fingers and are fixed on the forearm. The tension occurs when the wrist joint moves.

The prosthesis makes the injured limb active, therefore strengthening forearm muscles, keeping them up, not letting them atrophy and allowing for. Switching to bioelectric prosthesis in the future.
Prosthetic design
One of the features of our prostheses is an option to choose between conservative prosthesis design with a cosmetic shell that matches the user's skin color or a unique and shiny design.