We in Super Motorica know: a functional prosthesis in itself cannot make a person happy. An ecosystem made of products and services, the attitude of people and the desire to become better, which all this reinforces, this is what is the key to everything.
Our mission
Millions of people on the planet are living without arms.
From birth or as a result of injury.

But only 20% of them use prostheses.
AND only 2% use functional prostheses.
In Russia, there are thousands of these people.
Children and adults.

  • Lack of knowledge about the capabilities of modern prosthetics.
  • Financial or actual inaccessibility.
  • Lack of confidence that modern technologies are capable of changing their life for the better.
  • Lack of understanding that development of technologies depends on the activity of each user.

Our mission is to provide 100% of the people without arms with state-of-the-art prostheses. To make their life more convenient, brighter and happier. We know how to achieve this.

Trends of our work

Motorica has been studying and developing technologies at the junction of medicine and robotics since 2014. At this time, we are producing two types of prostheses: active, body-powered CYBI prostheses and Indy and Manifesto bionic prostheses. The prostheses are suitable for children and adults with upper limb amputations at the wrist and forearm level.
We are forming a new attitude towards prosthetics, we are introducing new technologies and are raising the industry standard so that getting a prosthesis and using it are related only with positive emotions. Motorica is working with private individuals who need a prosthesis, government and private prosthetic companies, and is collaborating with the Social Insurance Fund, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.
In addition to the standard rehabilitation of patients and personal recommendations from a rehab specialist for each user, we are involved in developing new techniques for using high-tech prostheses. A prosthesis must be controlled on an intuitive level, but the existing techniques do not always yield the necessary effect. Now, we are conducting pilot testing of a new rehab platform based on virtual reality.

Why us?

We believe that with the help of state-of-the-art rehabilitation devices it is possible not only to return the main capabilities of the arm: hold objects, interact with the surrounding world, but also to surpass the capabilities of a normal person in some way.
  • High quality
    In production, we use state-of-the-art technologies of industrial 3D-printing with plastic and metal, motors of foreign manufacturers and electronics of our own development. Before and after prosthetics, the users work with professional prosthetic specialists and rehab specialists.
  • Individual approach
    A personal manager works with each person to assist at all stages of prosthetics. We prepare documents for prosthetics, work with the government structures, and select the options for financing and payment.
  • Warranties
    We work only officially with all customers and we give warranties for our prostheses. If a prosthesis breaks within a year, then we take it upon ourselves to recover and repair it.
  • Community
    We are forming a community of users of high-tech rehabilitation devices. We have a closed club, chat, bonuses and competitions from partners.

Our team

We have assembled a team of professionals in their work who are creating high-tech rehabilitation devices and new techniques in the field of upper limb prosthetics.
Company management
  • Ilya Chekh
  • Ruslan Babintsev
    Executive Director
  • Andrey Davidok
    Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Vasiliy Khlebnikov
    Direct of Development
Department for Working with Private Customers
  • Oleg Pinayev
    Specialist in the Department for Working with Customers
  • Aleksandr Platonov
    Specialist in the Department for Working with Customers
  • Yevgeniy Kozlov
    Specialist in the Department for Working with Customers
  • Kristina Kachanova
    Specialist of the Customer Service Department
Department of Regional Development
  • Ruslan Sadykov
    Director for Regional Development
  • Inna Danilova

    Lead Manager for Regional Development

Department of International Development
  • Yevgeniy Konev
    Supervisor of the Department of International Development
Supervisor of the Department of International Development
  • Danil Yemelin
  • Alina Kuzyakina
    Rehabilitation Specialist
And many more people who are developing, designing, assembling and doing important work in the company

Employees in new product development

Employees in prosthetics and assembly

Employees in other departments