CYBI gadget based on "Avengers: Infinity War"

Our cybiheroes choose all kinds of designs for their prosthetic arms or forearms: cats, memes, portraits, flowers, superheroes. Mostly superheroes, as opposed to supervillains. But there is no exception. We recently designed a prosthesis with a Thanos glove design.
If you are not an expert on Marvel universe, then we will tell about him in a few words. Thanos is a supervillain, and his goal was to collect the Infinity Stones in order to seize their super power. These stones he obtained and inserted into the Infinity Gauntlet. It was that glove which our hero Philipp wanted to have replicated. If you ask the question "Why such a design?", the answer can be heard from the boy himself in the video below.
Replica of the Gauntlet of Thanos

Reliability became an important aspect: the colors and the sequence of stones in a glove, for we wanted the future cybihero to be pleased.
For this, our assembly department read and watched a lot of stuff. There are lovers of the Marvel universe among us, so there were a lot of expert opinions and easy discussions. As a result of the research, everything was determined: stones and their order. Reliability is our everything!
And then it was time to collect stones. In our case, everything went without the destruction that Thanos had created in the course of his search. Not a single universe was destroyed or conquered, and the stones were collected.
Thanos would envy !
A few hours of painstaking painting and assembly, and the cybigadget is ready. A golden glove with powerful magic eagerly awaited its hero!

The presentation of such a strong artifact was held solemnly. Motorica team wearing masks of superheroes voluntarily transferred the magic gadget to the new owner. Handing it in, we were sure that Philipp would only do good deeds with Cybi of Infinity.
New rehabilitation program
Not only did Philipp receive a cool gadget with the design he wanted, he also became a pioneer, for he went through a new rehabilitation program. Various specialists are involved in the rehabilitation: prosthetists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and a medical psychologist. All of them work under the guidance of a rehabilitation doctor.

The program is designed for a couple of days, during which the user of the prosthesis performs various tasks and in practice learns to manage the new arm. They make sure that the user is really able to cook, wash, use tools – practice all their daily activities, but now with a prosthesis.