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Ekaterina with bionic hand

Kids and Teens Body-powered
The decision to install the prosthesis was deliberate, and Katya's family and friends supported her. The girl did not want to be perceived as a person with limitations:

"I want to live fully, I want not to catch pitying glances at myself, I want to say: I can also do everything with two hands. You don't want someone to decide for you where you can study and who you can be later. I want to do everything and decide for myself."

I stopped being shy and afraid that I would be called a disabled person.

The prosthesis helps Katya in her studies, making it easier to hold reagents and mix solutions in test tubes. Microbiology, physiology, chemistry-nothing is impossible for a cyber lady!

"Mom, is this a robot?" so many children who see me tell their mothers. I even like to feel like a cyborg, it's unusual. Many people from my University know me as a girl with a prosthetic leg that looks like a cyborg."

With the help of a prosthesis, I can safely hold something hot, wear bags, tie my shoelaces. He helps me cook better, helps me with housework and the site, and a lot of other things that are even difficult to list.