CYBI Prostheses each Indian state

CYBI Prostheses each Indian state
Motoriсa will provide with high-tech CYBI Prostheses each Indian state

On Indian Independence Day, Motorica announced CYBI Prostheses' availability in each Indian state. Now Indian cyborgs have the freedom to choose again. This is a day of Independence from the constraints imposed by nature or unfavorable circumstances. India's community of сyborgs, specially abled people, can finally say "No cables. No battery. No motor. Functional, yet stylish. The prosthetic hand that finally suits my personality. Just like nature”.

There are currently 0.11 million amputees in India that have suffered below elbow limb loss and almost 16500 people are injured about every year. According to the World Health Organization, only 1 out of 10 people without hands in the world receives necessary prosthetics, and in developing countries, this figure is down to only 5% of all those in need. Specially abledpeople require a range of services, assistance, and special rights they may not receive sometimes.  

Russians still roaring ahead as one of the world's leading innovative prosthetics producers. Motorica is expanding in all directions across the globe and making its presence felt in India too. 

Motorica has done 3 years of R&D so far inside Indian market to understand the problems and expectations of the users, with demand being unique and trendy. CYBI body-powered prosthesis is a gadget which allows to open and close the hand to perform daily activities. It also has accessories that expand its functionality. CYBI Hand is suitable for people of all ages with amputations below the elbow or absence of fingers. Motorica has packed it all inside a tall box of joy to give freedom to all of the new users of prosthetics as well as to the old ones, who has been using outdated versions of mechanical/cable controlled prosthesis that is still practised in India.  

One of the major problems, which must be solved, is to make modern prostheses not only comfortable and functional, but also affordable for ordinary people. It is also required to provide prosthetics services in each state of India. After activating the first few cyborgs in the subcontinent, Motorica is gaining its momentum by hiring the best qualified professionals in the prosthetics industry in India, tying up with the biggest clinical partner chain. With its users training pre and post-fitting to global standards. Improving their quality of life and accessibility. 

Motorica's CYBI clinical service provision partner in India is Ottobock, the global market leader in prosthetics Ottobock. For more than 100 years, Ottobock has developed innovative products. Meanwhile, the med-tech company also takes care of the full treatment cycle through its clinical services network. Ottobock is a modern, family-owned company which combines a love of progress with values.

An army of Indian cyborgs is stepping up and connecting with a global community of specially abled people. The Indian team of Motorica is in regular touch with the first 300+ patients who will begin their fittings after a long wait. 

The first cyborg in India can already be seen cruising through the streets of Mumbai or boarding the same local train everyday. In 2006 during a train bomb blast, Mahendra Pitale had lost his left arm. 

“In a country like India there is no awareness about programs for specially abled people. They are sidelined. Yes, they are shown sympathy. But when it comes to help, there was not much available. But with progressing technology, I see a bright and hopeful future.”- Mahendra Pitale says.

On the other side going north, you see a man driving his tractor, under a hot sunny day. By sporting his blinging hand. “I'm extremely glad for this independence day, people like me don't have to travel to Moscow to get this level of solutions anymore, I'm so glad India finally has partial hand solutions . I wasn't lucky enough. But I'm sure there are a few hundred thousand out there, younger than me, older than me, dreaming of getting such a hand every day.” - Harjit Singh from Punjab says.