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Ilya with CIBY Fingers

Adults Body-powered
I was always a cool kid growing up , was never shy about expressing myself, I would perform on stage , interact with a large crowd. But i wouldn't talk about the hand nor click photos where it is visible. I had lived without a prosthetic arm, until recently. I was so sure I didn't need one, I had learnt to do pull ups, to swim , to ride a bike and do a lot more compared to even my two armed friends , But how mistaken I was!

With Cybi hand, new features were available which I thought weren't even possible in the first place. with 2 hands you don't even wonder about how many actions you can perform simultaneously , holding your phone and a cup of coffee in other , opening a water bottle without any tricks , keeping a leash on walk with your dog and typing a message on the other or even holding a microphone in left and using right for gestures or switching slides with clickers . maybe even inserting a thread inside a needle , it all sounds corny but all these are feasible now. This is only a small part of what I was able to activite .

I feel more photogenic , confident with my rob-hand. I want to capture these looks, looks of surprises. It is an extension of me , i am a fully assembled person with all details and personality , with advent of cyber hand in my life, i have become a real superhero with these new features.

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