Controlled extreme, cools tricks, and developing balance are what skateboard training is about.

Skateboarding: tricks for beginners

skateboard trainer and author of a skateboarding self-tutorial for beginners.
Dmitry Maslov
Daniil Smirnov


children’s balance board
knee and elbow pads

Trainer’s Notes

At the age of 5–6 years, all children, irrespective of their constitution, have rather weak coordination, so the main emphasis in training is on that and the development of balance. To do this, you can use a children’s balance board.
First, you need a good upper-body workout, then you start with coordination and balance exercises.

When performing exercises, it is necessary to accentuate problem areas in the child’s technique.

To add emotionality to training and involve the child more in the process, at the end of the lesson it is possible to learn a new trick.
No matter what kind of sport a child is involved in, it is important that they enjoy it! Only then will it be beneficial, both physically and psychologically. If a child has a passion for one thing, but does not for example like swimming, beloved by all rehabilitation therapists, that is no problem at all. On the contrary, such predispositions should be encouraged and developed.

Skateboard training is a good example of how a competent trainer always pays due attention to all aspects of development of a child’s musculoskeletal system, as well as coordination and general endurance. That’s why I see the task of the parent first and foremost as recognizing a predisposition and hearing the child’s desire, and then helping find a good trainer.
Pediatrician, doctor of physical therapy and sports medicine.
Author of rehabilitation and preparation for prosthetics techniques.
Alina Kuzyakina

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