Setting technique, working on balance and controlling one’s own body and movements is achieved through athletic training.

Running: running and jumping techniques to develop coordination

athletics coach

Natalia Marinina


Anya Deptitskaya


running shoes
running clothes, cones
athletics barriers

Trainer’s Notes

Plan your workout in advance: think through the sequence of exercises. Add more warm-up exercises and coordination elements. Preparatory exercises are imperative before running.
Running for a child with an arm prosthesis allows harmonious physical development. The progress and achievement of results will motivate the child to continue exercising and help them become more confident in their strength and abilities.
Properly structured exercises in group training help children focus on the similarities common to all and divert attention away from differences. In the long run it will help children see each other as equals.
I fully support the words of trainer Natalya Nikolaevna Marinina. Our children are very talented – they can keep up with their peers in all activities, and in sometimes, they are even ahead of them.

There are no indications for children with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, for example, to attend special schools rather than ordinary comprehensive schools. Our children participate in physical education at school, too. True, an individual approach is sometimes required. But it is necessary for absolutely all children, and this is not news. It’s a direct task of the teacher to approach each child individually. If teachers or school or sports club administrators have concerns or doubts about a child’s eligibility, you can show them this video.
Pediatrician, doctor of physical therapy and sports medicine.
Author of rehabilitation and preparation for prosthetics techniques.
Alina Kuzyakina

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