Prosthetic Arms & Hands
for upper limb amputation or congenital difference
Take the opportunity and get a modern prosthesis.
Available in South Africa!

Improve the quality of your life

Go from disability to extending your abilities with a new advanced bionic hand.
We offer you a whole pre-prosthetic preparation at an exclusive price of 1000 ZAR.
We provide the entire clinical process including the electromyography test with reports and experience the feeling of prosthesis before installing the device.

Can you manage the most advanced Bionic hands?
We will check your muscles myoelectrical potential with EMG.

Do you want to see how your future prosthesis will looks like?
You will check it with the demo bionic hand and our Prosthetist will make the first casting to create your future bionic socket.

1000 ZAR will be included to the price of your future hand.

Apply for pre-prosthetic preparation

Apply for pre-prosthetic preparation
What amputation or aplasia level?
Who needs prosthetics?
Have you used a prosthesis before?