Partnership with us

For consultation and with a request for prosthetics, clients come to us daily from various regions in Russia and nearby countries. In order to ensure a high service level for new and current clients, we are open for collaboration with prosthetics companies, government organizations and philanthropic foundations

Target partners

Prosthetics companies
With our products, you will be able to use the existing resources effectively and develop a product proposal. Our company introduces reliable and economically justified innovations that meet the market demands. We provide information and tools for rendering state-of-the-art help to patients who need prosthetics.
Social Insurance Fund
It is important for us to simplify the process of interaction both with new patients and with people who are already wearing prostheses. We want to provide the requisite help for each person who needs prosthetics. Motorica is developing a solution for government structures that will help to control the efficient supply of people with technical resources for rehabilitation.
Teams of developers
We are looking for talented teams of engineers who are not afraid to take a new look at what modern prostheses and rehabilitation should be. Our team is ready to share experience and expertise, help to attract grants and investments. Your developers may be tested in a short time and introduced through our partner network in Russia and abroad.
Production and technological partners
We are looking for partners to produce high-tech prostheses for the upper limbs:

  1. Pilot production of experimental models of upper limb prosthetic assemblies (mechanics + electronics).
  2. Contract small-series production and assembly of finished upper limb prosthetic modules. Production volumes for 2019: about 1,000 items, for 2020 – 3,500 items, 2021 – 5,500 items.

Advantages when choosing partners will be:

  • Availability of high-precision machining fleet (possibility of manufacturing small-modular gear wheels and reducer components).
  • Introduction of Quality Management Systems ISO 13485, production of medical products (minimum requirement ISO 9001).
  • Experience in series contract production of electromechanical products.
Become a partner

Fill out the application so that we can contact you and discuss possible collaboration options.